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Big Ball, part 2

So it’s spring, and we finally had some nice warm days. So I rallied a few friends and we finished my “I like Big Ball” art project. These things are never really finished – I will continue to tweak it out for the next few weeks. And then maybe months to make a 2.0 version.

Adding FramingAnyway, we cut and added the missing pipes. And made come hoops to improve the framing from HDPE tubing. I actually an a bit disappointed in the tubing. I was expecting it to fall into a circular shape naturally. But it didn’t really, so its kinda deformed squished oval. Sigh. Good enough I guess.

And then covering the improved frame. It’s a nice white 8 foot ball. And then we had to go eat (well, drink) as we waited for nightfall. If you’re in Dover, I recommend Governor’s Cafe – nice ambiance & great food.


Ball in Repose

Tipped over and ready for lighting


Ok, and then it was night. We returned home and lit the ball up. I had bought some lighting from Amazon. A Crystal Magic Rotating Ball light  and a Sunflower LED light, which both react to music beats. We put them and some speakers inside the ball and boo-ya! I LIKE Big Ball!

I like Big Ball


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