8 of many trades, Jack of some

Book 3, Chapter 1, verse 4

So sometimes, instead of being productive, you just gotta travel and explore. I’ve been out to Los Angeles for a week of feasting, dancing, touristing, bowling (can’t forget the bowling!), and reconnecting with old friends. Some highlights from this trip include La Brea Tar pits, Griffith Observatory, crawfish boil, Korean BBQ, and Malediction Society.


And then home for 3 days, then off again to Washington DC, this time with my kid in tow. We started at the Smithsonian – American History Museum. My 5 year old is obsessed with the Star Spangled Banner (the one that flew over Fort McHenry in the war of 1812.)

Her Aunt, that evening: What did you see at the museum today?

Kid: The Star Spangled Banner! It’s a big flag — and old!

Her Aunt: What else did you see besides the flag?

Kid: Holes in the flag!

And the rest of the weekend of family meals, IKEA, playing in family gardens, a friend’s birthday houseparty and a really cool hour spent at BITCAMP expo. A 100 or so college students come to Univ. of Maryland every year for a hackathon. This year was heavy on the virtual reality/oculus rift side of things. Exploring the projects was a big hit with all ages, including of course the 5 year old set.


I’m back home for a few days, then off to Richmond for another touristy trip. This being retired is exhausting.

Updated: April 11, 2016 — 2:36 pm
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