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New Adventure time 2018

It’s 2018 ! And this year is the year of seeing new bars. . . so with a friend I’m starting to keep a list, starting May 1.  Unless otherwise noted, these are places in Kent County, Delaware. The goal (kinda) is to discover new places in Kent County. All the new places. And some old places. And also, mostly, to have fun doing it.

  1. Touchdown (May 3)
    • Ah, the old standby. It’s pretty much my regular bar. It was Thursday, which is music bingo night. It’s lively and silly and fun. . .this fine month of May is also $1.50 yuengling on happy hour. I’m thinking I will be spending a lot of happy time at the Touchdown this month. I have one or two before wandering off.
    • Ichatted with a couple of friends who were also there. Including Ms Karen, who is all in on this “lets see Kent County Bars!” endevour.   We made a list. There are like 50 bars in Kent County. Gulp
  2. Johnathan’s Landing (May 3)
    • So Johnathan’s is a golf club, but they are open to the public for a blues night every Thursday 7-10pm. Sometimes it is a touring band (with a cover charge). But this night it was a jam session night, which is no cover. At some point there were 9 musicians on stage together just rocking the joint. Way cool venue. And one of the best places for this sort of jam blues/rock I’ve ever encountered. I had a Stella. And some water. And then it was 10PM.
  3. Browns (May 3)
    • Another old standby! Blues ends at 10PM, and so I swung by Browns, another friendly place where the bartenders recognize me. I had a Jerry and Coke. Which was not the best idea. And some more water.  And talked with guys at the bar. Including an older gentleman who was a physicist in his day. But now it all about the ballroom dancing (Moose lodge on Friday!)  We talked about if it was possible to hit the state of flow in dancing. I’m skeptical, he though yes.

May 4 was kinda rough. But still, 3 bars down, 47 to go!


Updated: May 6, 2018 — 2:42 pm
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