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2016 Update, part 1

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted!  I’m still here. With this long overdue update. I apologize in advance for the length and the ramble. This is my ersatz year end wrap-up / CChristmas letter. (part 1, apparently)

I’ve had time to reflect on my life, now that I’m (semi)retired. I know what makes me happy, and that is making stuff. And having intelligent conversation with great minds.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. – attributions vary

I know that even though I’ve a awesome life, and have minimized the stressors in my world, I will still have bad days. This most foul year of 2016 has given a lot of reasons for exasperated shock and moral defeat. Some days it’s just hard to move forward. Just keep swimming, I guess.


My schedule has very little rhythm these days. I need more of that. For 8 months I’ve been careening from event to event and it’s been awesome. But a daily rhythm is missing, and I’m working to create that again. I have a plan for fixing this. But not today.

So what have I made? This and that.

I’ve made costumes and kids pjs. This included several dresses for Pennsic Wars for both me and my 5 year old. (There is more – particularly of my outfits – but I’m not going to derail this post my running around and photographing the rest)


I’ve made an arch out of foam-core with plans to up-size it out of wood. Eventually. And I helped the amazing Micheal Verdon build two “temple” structures this year – one for Transformus, and one for Catharsis on the Mall.

I spun some wool into string with a drop spindle, while I worked as a poll worker for the primary election here in Delaware. I also worked the general election, but there was little downtime during the general to get into spinning. Nearly 70% of my precinct voted in the general, so it was busy all day. <Photos pending>

There was this great sign at the polling place, which is a local middle school. I’m sure I’ll reuse this sign in the future. Like during my next “camping” adventure. Last time out my camp of 20 careened into drama land. (look! I used careen twice in one post!)


More photos from this year’s “camping”

My camping adventures (other than Pennsic, which is medieval re-enactment) are “burns”, which are Burning Man inspired events. These are hard to describe to someone who hasn’t been, but it’s a community camping event that is heavy on the art. And evolution of hippie ethos meeting silicon valley tech. I use this video to introduce friend to the flavor.  Well worth the 7 minutes of your time to watch. IMHO.

It’s been a few years since I went to Burning Man itself.  I hope to go again in 2018 as part of the temple build crew. Burns are more fun for me if I’m making something while there. There are a lot of smaller burns that are trying to capture the spirit and are typically a lot more accessible. The ones I go to are these smaller closer regional events. I have a “home burn” which is the Playa del Fuego regional in Delaware that happens twice a year.

I have a project I’ve been slowly working toward for 2 years now – part of which requires collecting of affirmations. I’ve had 3 collection activities – with help of a wonderful campmate SherieBerie (she even made this wonderful mobile affirmation donation station last time we went out). I do plan to finish out this project over the winter. Stay tuned.

Ok, there is more but I’m posting this as part 1.



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