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More tunics

So I found in my drafts folder a write up of my recent efforts making t-tunics for medieval reenactment camping (Pennsic) we’re going to later this summer. I’ll tune it up and post it soon (ish)

I feel I was unproductive these last few days. My cousin (Hi Margit!) recently pointed out that my unproductive days are still fairly productive. Still…

Anyway, yesterday I help load up Camp infrastructure and art projects for this weekends camping. We setup this Thursday. And I added straps to the kids slippers so maybe they will stay on her feet now.

kids shoes

kids shoes

Muslin in dye bucket

Muslin in dye bucket

And I cut muslin for 3 more tunics – one for me and two for the kid. And I miscut the first one, so there was extra re-cutting involved to correct this. And cut my finger once on my new superstars Fiskars rotary cutter. Though I have to say – fabric cutting is so much easier with a rotary cutting tool than with scissors. Despite the blood.

As I type this, I’m dying 2 of the muslin cuts a nice pink/fuchsia red. About to get to the add fixer stage.

Still, feeling unproductive. Meh.

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